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Providing current Thunderstorm Warnings Today. We provide all Current Thunderstorm & Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued by the National Weather Service.

Thunderstorm / Severe Thunderstorm:

Severe Thunderstorms can develop at any time of the year! Keep yourself, family, and friends alert of Thunderstorm Warnings! A Thunderstorm can be deadly to Humans and animals and cause havoc with electrical and electronic devices. Thunderstorms are what help create Tornadoes, Lightning, Strong Winds, Hail, and can cause Flash Flooding. Lightning and Thunder from Thunderstorms result from the charge and discharge of electrical energy. Air that rises then descends during a thunderstorm causes the positive and negative charges to separate producing a channel of electrically positive charged air that heads towards objects that have a very good conductor to earth ground (trees are well rooted to earth ground). Next, negative energy from the object that has a good conductor to earth ground starts to move up towards the clouds producing lightning. Depending on several factors, one being how well the actual object is tied to earth ground will depend on the magnitude of the strike and how loud the thunder is. The flash of light is seen first, only at distances far from the actual strike, then the thunder is heard only because light travels faster than sound. If you were close to the object that was just struck, then you would hear the thunder and see the flash of light at the same time, which can be a very moving and scary event! During the strike, so much energy is produced that all the hair on your body could stand straight up. As mentioned above, electronic devices are destroyed by this type energy! One type of device that most always takes a big hit are land-line Telephone devices, why? Because the positive sides of all telephone lines are tied to earth ground at the Telephone Company Central Office, thus the closer you live to the Central Office equates to less resistance in telephone wire length making your telephone line electrically closer to earth ground. The good news is, the Telephone industry has been getting better at protecting your telephone equipment both at the Central Office and outside of your house. Our Engineers have designed hand-held devices that will actually tell you how far in distance you are from the current lightning strikes. In summary, always have great respect for A Thunderstorm!


This Public Service is provided for the entire Nation free of charge. Our first Thunderstorm Warnings were issued in 1999 when we were hosted by CyberGate. In May 2000 we decided to get our own domain name ( Since that time, we have expanded the Tornado Warnings and Thunderstorm Warnings to Gadgets, and Desktop Gadgets. Our Principle Engineer: Lawrence R. Hughes, Sr. has designed Lightning Simulators to test the effects of lightning strikes on Telephony Devices and Power Grids. Lawrence nicknamed these simulators: "Widow-Makers"! Lawrence was once struck by his own device while in the design phase which lifted him 7 feet into the air, leaving only his shoes still on the floor.

Written By: Lawrence R. Hughes, Sr. (Principle Engineer) for: HughesTech