Hurricane Tracking: February  22nd,  2018

Use our Hurricane Tracker 2018 for interactive tracking the, Paths, Wind-Speed, and Category Rating of past and present Hurricanes: Hugo (1989), Andrew (1992), loyd (1999), Charley (2004), Frances (2004), Ivan (2004), Jeanne (2004), Katrina (2005), Rita (2005), Wilma (2005), Gustav (2008), Ike (2008), Igor (2010), Julia (2010), Karl (2010), Lisa (2010), and Sandy (2012).

Online Hurricane Tracking

Link to us, simply copy the code below:

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Atlantic Hurricane Names for Season 2018:

Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sara, Tony, Valerie, and William

Eastern North Pacific Hurricane Names for Season 2018:

Aletta, Bud, Carlotta, Daniel, Emilia, Fabio, Gilma, Hector, Ileana, John, Kristy, Lane, Miriam, Norman, Olivia, Paul, Rosa, Sergio, Tara, Vicente, Willa, Xavier, Yolanda, and Zeke

Interactive Instructions
Mobile, Tablets, & Desktop:

Select Past or Present Hurricanes from the Pull-Down Menus above.
While tracking, you can shift the Hurricane Tracking map with these methods:
Mobile & Tablets: Use your finger to shift the map east, west, north, or south.
Desktop: Use your mouse or arrow keys to shift the Hurricane Tracking map.


Tracking past or present Hurricanes is simple with our Interactive Hurricane Tracker Map for Season 2018.

New Hurricane Tracking Map for 2018! Due to the fact that Adobe Flash is not supported in Mobile or Tablets, our Engineers have re-engineered the old Flash Hurricane Tracking Map. The New format uses Google Maps and Javascript. We will be updating the Interactive Hurricane Tracking Software from time to time to add new features and enhance existing features.

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