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Providing current Winter, Storm, Snow Storm, Blizzard, and Nor'easter Warnings Today issued by the National Weather Service. A WinterStorm Warning Gadget is provided for Websites.


Nor'easter is a name given for a major weather event that generally affects New England and the mid-atlantic States. While these conditions exist, all or some of the below conditions may occur such as a Blizzard, strong winds, and flooding. Most everything shuts down when a Nor'easter Warning is issued.

Winter Storm:

Winter Storms are where heavy snowfall can produce large amounts of snow accumulations in a very short period of time, thus making driving conditions very difficult for both maneuvering and visibility. Many Schools and Public Offices close with an advance warning of such Snow events.


There are different categories used to name the types of Winter Weather, when high winds are present while snowing, this condition is called a Blizzard where the wind can cause Snow drifts that amount to several feet deep. Almost everything closes down for a Blizzard Warning. School closings are reported by news stations and are generally first on the list, followed by Public offices, then Commercial Businesses.

Freezing Rain:

Freezing Rain is caused by warmer temperatures in the upper atmosphere creating a rain storm, but the temperatures closer to the ground are in the freezing range, thus causing the falling rain to instantly turn to ice when coming in contact with the lower ground temperatures. These types of storms are by far one of the most dangerous Storms to humans and animals!

Large scale power outages caused by the heavy weight of the Ice tends to break the power lines, tree limbs and makes driving conditions very dangerous. Again with these types of storms, many School closings will be seen.

Snow Storm:

Snow Storm Warnings are issued when low pressure systems produce snow that can cause a disruption to the norm. Snowstorm advisories are decided by the National Weather Service for different areas of the country and how the people of a particular area may handle the Snow. In the deep-south, Snowstorm advisories could be issued for snowfall in the amount of an inch, while Maine is expected to get less than 4 inches of snow; Snow Advisories might not be issued.

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